Daniel was born on the 19th of July 1993 in Cordoba, Spain and started his flamenco guitar studies at the age of 7 in the Royal Conservatoire of Music of the same city. 

In 2015, having worked in many of Cordoba´s tablaos and festivals, he completed his 14 years of study as a fully licensed musician and was the first student to obtain the title in Elementary Grade, Professional Grade and Licensed Grade since the official grading system begun. That same year he moved to the UK to work as a flamenco guitarist in various projects and for different companies and artists. 

In 2017, he started his own company, the Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company, and debuted his first production ´Art of Believing´, which has gone on to grace the stages of many theatres, arts and guitar festivals across the country.

As well as a composer and musician, Daniel is also a licensed flamenco guitar teacher. After operating a successful guitar school in Cordoba for over 5 years, he opened his Edinburgh based school where he imparts classes face to face and via Skype, offering students over 11 years teaching experience.

Daniel has started to compose and record his next production which will hit the stages in 2022. (6)

                                                            Daniel aged 15 in the Royal Conservatoire of Music, Cordoba, Spain