Traditional Flamenco Guitar Concert


To mark the two year anniversary of the Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company launch in Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum Theatre, founder and composer Daniel Martinez presents us with an extra special evening in the beautiful St Marks Unitarian Church just around the corner from the iconic venue on Castle Terrace. This traditional flamenco guitar concert will take you on a journey through the different eras of flamenco guitar, transmitted by Daniel through the works of legendary flamenco Maestros.

Join Daniel as he interprets the works of guitarists who influenced and formed a part of his professional training, some of which include renowned artists such as Sabicas, Moraito, Paco Serrano, Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, amongst many others.

Immersing himself in the works of these flamenco greats would eventually lead Daniel to create his own company and compose his award winning production ‘Art of Believing’.

“Sometimes we don’t actually realise just how everything we have learnt in the past, even the pieces we have since ‘forgotten’ how to play, actually remain in our sub consciousness; it’s that accumulation of incredible music, hard work and effort engrained that inspires us to go on to compose our own work.”

St Mark’s has been especially chosen to provide incredible acoustics to what will be a unique concert here in the heart of Edinburgh.

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The Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company celebrates its second year with an incredibly special and unique concert. Founder and composer Daniel Martinez will pay a heartfelt tribute to the flamenco guitar, taking you on a journey through the different eras of this majestic instrument and music style.

Usually accompanied by singers, dancers and other instrumentalists, a concert of this style will be a first in Daniel’s repertoire.

“I sometimes feel that the art of flamenco guitar as a traditional solo performance is being lost. Out with Spain, it’s rare to find a Flamenco concert which doesn’t include singing and dancing, whereas in the world of classical guitar it’s completely the opposite, I would like to contribute to giving flamenco guitar the same centre stage.”

After winning the prestigious ‘Herald Angel Award’, presented to his company and production ‘Art of Believing’ in this year’s Edinburgh Festival, Daniel is returning to his roots with a concert full of the rich diversity flamenco is known and loved for, which, as always, will include some unexpected little surprises.

Event Details

09/11/2019 - 19:30  - St Marks Unitarian Church

Day 1: 2019-11-09

Start time: 19:30 p.m.

End time: 20:50 p.m.

Venue: St Marks Unitarian Church

Directions: 7 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2DP

Phone: 07533177057