5 STARS “10/10 Perfect, pure flamenco at its vibrant and passionate best” – Writebase

5 STARS “Martinez playing alone, soulfully evoking a calm before the storm. And what a storm: Bravo indeed” – The Herald

5 STARS ”An evening to transport you with music and song that is captivating” – Theatre Bubble                                                              

5 STARS “Art of Believing, the flamenco tablao which encourages you to believe in yourself” – EFE NEWS

5 STARS “Daniel Martinez’s passionate flamenco is menacing and romantic” – The Fest—flamenco


– HERALD ANGEL AWARD: Edinburgh Festival 2019 
A roar of flamenco ended the final week of this year´s awards
 – BEST OF MUSIC & MUSICALS: Festival Magazine’s 2019 Edinburgh Round-up.


BBC MERSEYSIDE – Daniel Martinez on Jenny Lee Summers Show 14/06/2019
BBC SHROSPSHIRE – Gabriela Pouso on The Seven O’Clock Show 12/06/2019
BBC RADIO 4 – Daniel Martinez on the Loose Ends Show 18/08/2018
BBC RADIO SCOTLAND – Daniel Martinez on The Janice Forsyth Show 23/10/2017Show 12/06/2019


EFE NEWS TV – Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company Performing during the Edinburgh Festival Show 15/08/2019:


The HERALD: “Why flamenco king Daniel Martinez choose to make Scotland his home”

AGENCIA EFE: “Art of Believing arrives Glasgow.”


The Fountain | Daniel Martinez: “The plan is to deliver the best Flamenco we can to the magnificent Edinburgh Fringe audience.”

Daniel Martinez: The plan is to deliver the best Flamenco we can to the magnificent Edinburgh Fringe audience


Edinburgh 49 | Gabriela Pouso: “Our Flamenco Company consists of truly wonderful musicians who not only have the raw talent but an exceptional passion for what they do.”


Festival Magazine | Gabriela Pouso: “We are a flamenco family”