Daniel currently provides guitar lessons in Edinburgh as well as online Skype classes to students around the world. Daniel also offer intenses masterclasses. 

The private classes are tailored and personalised specifically for each individual students’s needs and the recommended number of lessons required for effective and consistent learning is an hour a week as well as your own daily practice at home. 

There are also group classes available. Group class can involve dance accompaniment, singing accompaniment, technique and learning a musical piece. During groups accompaniment classes, a professional singer and dancer is on hand to help with the student’s learning and development. 

At the end of the school year (normally June) the students will be given an opportunity to perfom at the annual Student Show in a venue in Edinburgh. You can watch past Student Show videos in ‘Students Concerts’. 


Daniel offers the possibility to attend online individual or group classes via Skype or video conderencing. 

Daniel’s classes cover a vast range of skills including aspects such as technique, harmonies, introduction to the various flamenco palos, falsetas from every flamenco palo, compas from the different styles of flamenco, singing and dance accompaniment, introduction to guitar, to name but a few. With his breadth of knowledge and flexible approach to teaching, should you have a specific skill set in mind not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact him to further discuss your ideas and suggestions.

Classes last approx. 30 minutes with a minimum requirement of 10 classes per month. At the end of each class, Daniel will record a video that he will send you to work in the week ahead. Before the next class, you will send him a video of you playing and the lesson will consist on going through it, correcting any mistakes and further helping you with our development and any doubts. 

Before the start of each lesson, the connection of your chosen method of communication will be tested to ensure your encounter no or minimal technical problems throughout the lesson.

Full payment will be made prior to your first lesson by bank transfer. For full information on costs, please contact Daniel directly by visiting the ‘Contact’ section of the website. As a Licensed Flamenco Guitarist and professional artist, Daniel offers extremely competitive rates in what is a very competitive industry. 

Class timetables willl be tailor-made to suite your schedule and availability. 


With Daniel, you learn and develop a series of skills such as;

– All the techniques involved in playing Flamenco guitar such as; rasgueos, alzapua, picados, arpegios, tremoloo and pulgar.

– All of the different musica styles of Flamenco.

-Flamenco compas and rhythm.

– Specific technique exercises which will help you become faster when playing.

– Leraning and playing the works and falsetas of some of the greatest Flamenco guitarist of our time, Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Moraito, Mario Escudero, Sabicas, Manolo Sanlucar, Tomatito, Paco Serrano, Gerardo Nuñez, Rafael Riqueni, Diego del Morao…

– Accompanying Flamenco singing and dancing (during accompaniment classes we will have Flamenco singers Inma Montero and Danielo Olivera and dancer Gabriela Pouso assisting with the development of each student).

– How to improvise rounds of chords.

– How to compose falsetas.